Common questions, answered...

What are orthodontic records and why are they necessary?

Orthodontic records usually include X-rays, photographs of the teeth and face, and models of the teeth. The records provide a wealth of information that is not always revealed by a visual examination. This may include missing teeth, extra teeth, the condition and development of tooth roots, growth patterns of the jaw and face, symmetry, and a host of other factors. Complete records form the basis for a thorough and accurate diagnosis and a sound treatment plan.

Why is "Early Treatment" recommended for some children?

In some cases, preventative or interceptive care can guide the jaws and erupting teeth into more favorable positions, improve the growth and alignment of the jaws, preserve space for the permanent teeth, and/or reduce the likelihood of fractured protruding front teeth.

What is the psychological impact of orthodontic therapy?

Treatment may reduce appearance consciousness during the critical developmental years. Appearance can have an effect on popularity, social behaviors, self-expectation, personality, style, and self-image. Also, orthodontic therapy may lessen the likelihood that a child will be picked on by other children. Adult orthodontics may positively affect career patterns, social acceptance, and self-confidence.

Why is the adolescent growth spurt so important in orthodontics?

This is a time when much of the growth of the face occurs. Treatment during this period provides an opportunity to favorably influence the facial profile in a growing child. Once growth of the facial bones is complete, correction of jaw discrepancies usually requires surgery. For this reason, early treatment may save considerable time and money.

When is an adult too old for braces?

For those who can benefit from orthodontics, age is not a factor. Adults who have teeth and healthy supporting structures are never too old. Increasing numbers of adults are taking advantage of the lifelong benefits of orthodontics. These are people who have made the choice to spend the rest of their lives with an attractive, healthy smile and the confidence that it brings.

What can we expect from your practice?

You can expect a unique combination of art, science and experience. Our goal is to provide the highest level of orthodontic therapy possible in a caring, friendly environment. We intend to treat you so well personally and technically that you will feel comfortable in recommending us to your friends and family.